Evolution: Heroes of Utopia Hack and Cheats

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Evolution: Heroes of Utopia is a game available for Android, iOS, iPhone and iPad. The game can be very easy to perform on condition that you use our unique Heroes of Utopia trainer. Use it so as to acquire infinite number of Stone, which you will need to get a lot of Biofuel. Having Biofuel means employing new personalities and evolution. Make your Damage per second better to defeat every boss on your own way. You do not require anything but the trainer to unleash the game and win each tournament you will get involved in.

We are going to teach you how to hack on Heroes of Utopia. You will have the ability to unlock all personalities, raise your damage variable and get a whole lot of new abilities. With this hack, obtaining unlimited quantities of Stone is easy as a pie. That is why you can level up effortlessly!

Evolution: Heroes of Utopia hack Provides you many matters including

– unlimited Gems to buy Biofuels
– infinite Data Disks to get boosts and bonuses for staff
– unlimited Medals to update Guard Armor
– unlimited magnetite to increase your damage.
Hack is compatible with smartphones, tablets and iOS apparatus (iPhone). The game has to be installed in your device first to use this hackon. And there’s no requirement to ‘origin’ or ‘jailbreak’!


1. Connect your device with the match to the pc.
2. Open the coach.
3. Select your system and click on ‘Detect Device’.
4. Await detection of the game.
5. Enter the number of Gems, Information Indices and Medals you would like to have. Keep in mind the 2.15B is the maximum number of Stone you can have in Utopia. Bear in mind that you can use the trainer many times.
6. Proceed to the next step clicking ‘Start hacking’
7. Wait till the modding finishes and then you can unplug your device.
8. Run the game to enjoy the tools and unlockables.

When you have too many gems at your disposal, at the beginning the tournament, you might find a message notifying that your access was restricted. To avoid this, take advantage of the coach again and change the value of your Gems so that it will not exceed 500. Later, already being at the tournament, you can place the desired amount of Stone again.

About Evolution: Heroes of Utopia

a) Gameplay

Heroes of Utopia is another portion of Evolution collection. The preceding part, Fight for Utopia, was likewise a mobile game. In Heroes of Utopia, you’re a commander of this expedition. The boat has dropped on Utopia, a world with beasts, bandits and disciples and ancient god. You have to cope with this. But you will not be in your in this task – your faithful allies will be assisting you in your way.

The game is very simple, killing the enemies is the simple element of game play. To do so, you have to tap on the monitor. Should you defeat enemies, then you get Biofuel to level up. It can help you to go through businesses and conquer numerous bosses. When you encounter a boss, there’s a time limit and you have to tap quicker or boost your harm per second. The faster you tap, the quicker you will conquer the boss.

b) Heroes

You need Biofuel to unlock and also level up all your personalities. Each individual has his own skills and abilities. The higher level your character is, the more damage he is in a position to dish out from enemies. Abilities are also one of the unlockables, you can produce a diversity of consequences such as better decisive attack or more biofuel from your enemies.

As you play the game and input the deeper sectors, your opponents are more difficult to beat. To remain successful, you’re forced to give evolution to your personalities. Evolution results in bigger strength and greater damage increase.

C) Resources

Evolution: Heroes of Utopia has five distinct resources.
– Gems, which would be the main currency. Make them by your achievements and tournaments.
– Biofuel, used to develop personalities. Kill enemies to receive it or buy it from the bank. The farther you go, you more Biofuel can be obtained during the gameplay.
– Data Disks, use it to level up your own technology. Earn them at the teleport or receive as a present from your buddies.
– Magnetite, which are vital if you want to level up machine guns. You can acquire Magnetite by completing daily tasks or winning battles with supervisors.
– Medals, used to accelerate armor. You can get them by taking part in tournaments. The most medals you earn when you finish at first place.

D) Tech

Technology is there to supply you with wonderful boosts and bonuses. To be able to unlock it, you want to defeat bosses. The deeper you go, the further Tech is possible to obtain.

e) Friends

In case you have friends, you can get bonuses from them. Moreover, you get 100 gems by connecting to the game through Facebook. Every single friend can provide you with a substantial reward like information discs. But, there is a limit of getting 3 presents per day. Finally, you might also make the most of social capabilities.

f) Tournaments

Tournament is all about competing against other gamers and earning medals which let you enhance your own armor. If you participate in a championship, you’re teleported to the beginning and you get Data Disks.

Gram) Offline game

When you’re offline, your companions can continue to be active and kill creatures. You may obtain all of the Biofuel your companions were able to get when you’re offline. Resources made this way only accumulate around 3 times.


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